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AEGIS Electronic Components and Packaging is the world leading producer of end to end electronic packaging solutions for harsh environments and reliability sensitive applications. AEGIS delivers superior value engineered products that enable our customers’ success.
AEGIS offers integrated engineering and manufacturing solutions for high performance electronic and optical packaging, protection, and interconnectivity.

AEGIS is a world leader in a wide range of material technologies, including: metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics. AEGIS has the unique expertise required to design, custom manufacture, and scale tailored solutions using any material or combination of materials a specific application may require.
Bringing together best in class design capability, worldwide volume manufacturing, and field proven ability to get the job done across a wide range of industries; AEGIS is the solution provider of choice when survival is important in difficult environments.
For more than 65 years, AEGIS has been the clear leader in demanding application markets:

• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Defence
• Industrial lasers
• Medical Instrumentation
• Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
• Optical Communication
• Satellite
• Submarine




Schwarzpunkt  produces a wide range of products, including:

  • Coilformers
  • RM core coilformers
  • EP/X/E/EF core coilformes
  • Pot core coilformers

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api Technologies Corp.  -  Spectrum Control.


Spectrum Control manufactures a complete line of products which are used in virtually all industries worldwide, including telecommunications, medical, government, military, aerospace, computer and industrial controls.  

The company’s product range includes:

  • EMI/RFI Filters and Capacitators.
  • Custom specific Filter-Assemblies.
  • Filtered Connectors.
  • Testing Services.
  • Ceramic Bandpass Filters and Resonators.

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Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH  Germany

Spectrum Electronik

Product overview

Spectrum’s most innovative and most recognized designs are probably the Multipin Connectors of Series IQ-, BQ-, CQ-, SQ-, TQ-, and RQ-, featuring up to 23 coaxial quick connections, with several Series operating to 40 GHz.

The broadest line of Phase Adjusters in different frequency ranges from DC to 2.0, 12, 26, 40, 50, and up to 63 GHz as well, offered in a large variety of models and packages.

There are the Push-Pull Connectors and Adapters, mating with any standard connector of Series SMA N, TNC and 7/16.

Precision Connectors, straight and angled in 90° and 135° configuration, all common series, and phase adjustable (up to 280° phase adjustment @ 18 GHz, and the 1.85mm connectors operating up to 71 GHz.

The broadest line of coaxial Adapters, In-Series and Between-Series designed for all common connector series, and several new series as well, the WG to coax Adapters, and especially the Hermetically Sealed units.

Not to forget are the custom Cable Assemblies to individual specification, and the tools, such as Torque wrenches and Interface Gauges.

Components, such as Gain Equalizers with sinusoidal and linear slope, are operating up to 30 GHz.

Coaxial Delay Lines, available in a variety of packages.

The High Power Super Components, such as High Power Duplexers in L- and C-Band, and the SMP CalKits, are completing the product range.

Visit their web site at  -  http://www.spectrum-et.com




The company was founded on 10 May 1879 by the master plumber Wilhelm Paff who developed, manufactured and sold soldering fluid next to his craftsman activities. His successor Hans Eckstaedt, the son-in-law of the company founder, successfully managed the expansion and established the internationally protected trademark Stannol in the market at the end of the 1920s.

In the 1950s Stannol started to develop products for electrical engineering and later also for the electronics industry. Stannol is held in high regard by customers worldwide. This applies both in the industrial sector as well as for the DIY range because Stannol applies the high-quality requirements of their customers to all their products.

The product range includes solder, soldering wire, solder paste, solder flux, soldering irons and electronically controlled soldering stations, solder dross recovery systems and a comprehensive range of accessories.Image result for pdf png icon

Visit their web site at  -  https://www.stannol.de/



Vliesstoff Kasper


Is an international trader in no woven rolls and wipes. We are converters of no woven materials for the printing and electronic industries, clean rooms and technical manufacturing.

Visit their web site at - http://www.vliesstoff.de   







ZESTRON offers aqueous, solvent-based and aqueous-alkaline cleaning agents (VIGON®, ZESTRON® and ATRON® products).

These products can be used for the following cleaning applications in the SMT and Semicon Backend production:  

  • Assemblies and PCB Cleaning
  • Misprint Cleaning
  • Stencil Cleaning
  • DCB and Power Modules Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Reflow Ovens and Tools          

Visit ZESTRON´s web site at - http://www.zestron.com


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