Specializing in the sales of electronic/electrical components & related material.



The Co. Mekko Technologies is manufacturing the following:

  • Ovens for reflow
  • Drying and Storage Cabinets.




Metocheck (Asmetec)


ASMETEC offers advanced technical products, consumables and capital goods for the technical industry.


ASMETEC is a supplier of consumables to the PCB manufacturing industry in Europe. Mainly dealing with

  • drilling materials,
  • photo tools,
  • diazofilms,
  • lamination accessories,
  • clean room equipment,
  • video metrology,
  • optical accessories like magnifiers, loupes etc.

Visit their web site at - http://www.asmetec.de/index-e.htm   [Back...]



pbt products include the following:

  • Accessories to pick and place machines
  • Cleaning machines
  • Screen printers
  • Dispensing tools
  • Accessories to solder machines
  • Other accessories.

Visit their web site at - http://www.pbt-cleaning.com/     [Back...]

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