Specializing in the sales of electronic/electrical components & related material.


Batten & Allen - Leading Brand.

As specialists for power supply, we have consistently expanded and developed our range of services, so that we are now in a position to promise that we will supply you with the optimal power supply in every case - from our own production, from the product ranges of our worldwide suppliers or as a tailor-made customized application. EPS has established itself for many years as a reliable and professional partner for businesses and institutions involved in research, development and production. And we will continue to be so. All our units set standards when it comes to quality and safety, as well as in the price/performance ratio. We have also been able to help drive the development and production of customized power supply solutions forward - with the result that you can now draw on a wealth of experience and technical know-how. That’s why EPS is highly trusted not only in Germany and elsewhere in Europe: customers from all over the world find their optimal solutions in the "whole world of power supply ".

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Haldeman & Porret


Haldeman & Porret  SA produces a range of products, including:       

  • Laser drilled substrates.

Visit their web site at - http://www.hpsa-laser.ch  [Back...]


Haver & Boecker 


Haver & Boecker produces a range of products, including:

  • Stainless steel mesh.


Visit their web site at - http://www.haverboecker.com   [Back...]


Heraeus produces a wide range of high quality products for the electronics industry. 

These include:

  • Photo-etched precision parts.
  • Materials for thin film technology.
  • Materials for thick film technology.
  • Solder paste.
  • Conductor paste.
  • Resistor paste.
  • Resistor overglaze.
  • Multilayer dielectric.
  • SMD-adhesive.
  • Bonding wires.
  • Contact profiles.
  • Wiper and slide contacts.
  • Infrared reflow systems.
  • Burn in systems.

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