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Batten & Allen


Batten & Allen - Leading Brand.Batten & Allen - Batten & Allen is an independent company which specializes in the production of miniature precision stampings to customer designs and requirements for Worldwide Electronics Applications. The company produces a wide range of standard products, including:

  • Single in line leadframes.
  • SIL clip design and series codes.
  • Dual in line leadframes.
  • DIL clip design and series codes.

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S.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in design, development, production and testing of coaxial connectors and  components for radiofrequency (50 ohm), telephony (75 ohm) and relative cables assembling. The production includes the whole range of coaxial connectors, from micro miniature series (MMCX) to macro series (EIA 7/8"), with the possibility of assembling to cables and every kind of coaxial components on customer design

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Conec is a manufacturer of connectors and electronic components for the electronic, computer and electrical industries.

Their product range includes:

  • D-subminiature filter connectors.
  • D-subminiature connectors to DIN 41652.
  • Printed circuit connectors to DIN 41612/17.
  • Flat cable connector system (IDC) to DIN 41657 – I.C. Sockets.

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